Ball seat lug bolts are normally used for original stock wheels, Ball seat is what is used from the manufacture

Cone seat lug bolts are normally used for aftermarket wheels

If you have an Audi, Mercedes or VW with original wheels you will have Ball Seat Lug Bolts. If you have aftermarket wheels, you will need to remove a lug bolt to check if you have Ball Seat or Conical Lug Bolts.

You can see the difference between Ball Seat and Cone Seat Lug Bolts here: https://wheelspacers.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/20/2019/09/Ball-seat-vs-Cone-seat.jpg

That is a personal preference and varies for different Makes and Models. Our knowledgeable customer support staff can assist you to choose the perfect size spacers for your car. Please Contact us today! https://wheelspacers.wpengine.com/contacts/


  • With a straight edge or yard stick placed flushed against the tire and wheel combination, measure the distance from the inner part of straight edge to fender lip
  • This measurement will determine the thickness of the spacer you will need to install

See photo below for reference.