Volkswagen 18mm Hub-Centric Wheel Spacers With Conical Seat Bolt Kit

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Our wheel spacers are an excellent, cost effective way to enhance the look of your Volkswagen vehicle and improve handling. Our wheel spacers push your rims and tires outward to give your vehicle that aggressive look it was missing from day one. You can expect better handling & stability. Spacers will also allow you to run larger brakes and larger suspension. If you are looking for that tucked , poked or flush look, our wheel spacers can assist you in that desire.

Why choose Our wheel spacers are made from aircraft grade forged aluminum alloy, precisely CNC machined to the closest tolerance, double surfaced treated and black anodized for ultimate lasting protection. Our extended lug bolts are 10.9 grade which exceeds OE standards.

Perfect fit: 100% Hub-centric and specifically designed to fit your Volkswagen

Hub-Centric: means that the spacers center bore matches your factory hub and the factory-like hub on our spacers matches the center bore in your wheel for a vibration free fit.

Our Wheel Spacers are sold in pairs (2pcs) with 10 extended lug bolts. To do the whole car you will need 2 spacer kits.

Installation: Quick & Easy in 5 simple steps:

Step 1 Remove your wheel

Step 2 Clean the wheel and hub. Accumulations of rust and debris must be removed from both the wheel and hub mating surfaces before the spacers are installed. Clean using a wire brush or Roloc disc. Apply a thin film of anti-seize to the hub face to protect it from corrosion, and make future disassembly easier.

Step 3 Mount spacer on the hub

Step 4 Re-Install wheel with the supplied extended wheel bolts

Step 5 Tighten the wheel bolts to the recommended torque, tightening in a star pattern to seat the wheel evenly.


**10mm and 12mm are recommended for front fitment only. May not clear rear wheel bearing dust cap. Early revision rear wheel bearings had a larger OD dust cap that causes interference with 10mm and 12mm wheel spacers.

*Please Note: Wheel spacers that measure 5mm to 8mm may not allow hubs to protrude enough to keep wheels hubcentric. Please, before ordering, measure to ensure that you will have enough hub extending past the spacer to make contact with the center of the wheel. Adhering to this step will ensure that you don’t get any vibrations while driving.


Kit Includes:

– 18mm 5×100/112Wheel Spacers x 2
– Extended Wheel Bolts x 10