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Check out the video below to learn how to measure your vehicle, to find get the absolute best fit for your new wheel spacers.

Making sure everything fits nicely after your install will prevent any damage to wheel, steering or body components on your vehicle.


In the very compact executive car sector, Audi stands out with its amazing features of every model. Its super calm appearance and elegant design give it a great appearance. Its exceptional performance makes it a monster of the roads. This class of cars is a blend of excellent comfort, high performance, precise handling, and small footprints.

If you want to add a more dynamic touch to your Audi, Audi wheel spacers can help you to achieve that inexpensively. But what kind of wheel spacers you need to buy for your model of Audi???

Tips to buy wheel spacers for your Audi:

The top quality of wheel spacers is highly recommended for premium vehicles like Audi. Before selecting wheel spacers for your Audi check the following points:

  • All-wheel spacers indeed look the same on the outside, but the material makes a big difference. Cheap spacers are made of steel that adds extra weight to the wheels and hampers performance and braking.
  • It is also essential to determine the accurate thickness of wheel spacers before buying. A thick wheel spacer can also cause issues with bearings and suspension components.
  • Always select hub centric wheel spacers. Hub centric wheel spacers fit perfectly on the hub and enhance the durability and performance.
  • Hub centric wheel spacers avoid vibrations while driving and are more durable because they do not put the whole weight on the bolts.


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A more stable car offers greater stability and handling. These are just some of the benefits you will get from our wheel spacers.  Our wheel spacers for Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen and BMW are easy to install, improve your handling and give your ride a wicked look.

Installation of wheel spacers:

Always get the services of a qualified mechanic to install, service, and replacement of your wheels and wheel spacers. It is also recommended to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

  1. Always install particular wheel spacers that are specifically designed for your vehicle.
  2. Park the vehicle on a hard, leveled surface, lose the break, and never remove lug nut fastens with the wheel to the hub to the tire iron before rising the vehicle.
  3. With an automotive jack raise vehicle at an appropriate point to lift a single tire.
  4. Remove the raised tire, slide the wheel off the hub, de-grease the hub and make the surface clean and smooth.
  5. Take extra care while installing the spacer on the factory hub. There should be no gap between the spacer and the brake rooter, not even a piece of paper could slip through.
  6. Must align the holes on the wheel spacer with those on the vehicle. The hub-centric ring ensures that the wheelsets firmly in the right place.
  7. Use exact length bolts to install right length extended bolt. Tight the lug nuts with a torque wrench. Use hands to spin the wheel and the wheel should spin with no obstruction freely.
  8. Double-check the bolt torque with a test drive.

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Benefits of Wheel spacers:

High-quality Audi wheel spacers made of aluminum edge your AUDI in different ways:

  • Performance:

Wheel spacers alter wheel offset and make it further away from its hub assembly and improve tractions. Wide tracks decrease the load transfer of vehicle and enhance its performance and handling. The wide track provided by wheel spacers enhances the already excellent performance of your AUDI. Wheel spacers provide more stability to you at a higher speed.

  • Marvelous appearance:

It is true that while producing stock wheels, the designer cannot be so much creative. But the addition of wheel spacers with custom wheels sparks up your driving moments. AUDI gets a smashing appearance with these wheel spacers.

  • Extends tire life:

During cornering or making turns, your AUDI poses the risk of rubbing the fender line to your new aftermarket tires. Wheel spacers ensure the elimination of rubbing fenders. It really saves a lot of your money.

  • Aesthetic touch:

The addition of Wheel spacers enhances the car’s profile and gives your AUDI a more aggressive and compact look. Wheel spacers ensure your AUDI stands out from its associates. provides you an outstanding opportunity to get online the perfect wheel spacers for your AUDI. provides top quality wheel spacers made of highest grade forged aluminum alloy. develops a long-lasting relationship with its customers and processes their orders directly from the warehouse. Our user-friendly catalog and guarantee fitment make us stand out from our rivals.


Wheel Spacers

If you look closely at the sports car, you often notice that many cars seem to use a wider wheelbase than the factory-built models. This is achieved through the use of spacers that help to remove the wheels and tires on the car.

Wheel spacers are sometimes described as dangerous accessories for vehicles. When you talk to the people who use them, their response towards it is the exact opposite. if used properly, wheel spacers are pretty efficient in car handling

Types of Wheel Spacers


Bolt-on wheel spacers are fastened to the existing studs to bolt the spacer onto the hub. When purchasing these, you’ll need to check and make sure they are compatible with your wheels and lug nut patterns.


The slip-on wheel spacers slide into the studs and leaves room for the wheel. Depending on the size of the wheels, however, they sometimes do not leave enough space. This leaves insufficient room to properly and securely tighten the wheel nuts. You may need extended studs with slip-on wheel spacers to secure the wheel.

Pros and Cons to using wheel Spacers


  1. Wide Flush Look

The spacers boost the appearance of your vehicle. The wheels push outside giving the vehicle a manly look.

  1. Improved Vehicle Performance:

Wheel spacers allow large tires to be mounted in your vehicle as well as increase the performance and grip on the wheels.

  1. Big Brake Clearance:

Wheel spacers gives the extra room clearance for fitting in big brake kits into your vehicle. They provide the extra space you need to firmly fix the brakes.

  1. High-quality Spacers Use Billet Aluminum

When choosing wheel spacers with packaging, materials of the highest quality must be used to ensure proper operation of the vehicle. This means that you must search for products made from aluminum. This material is stronger than the wheel to which it is attached. They will also have bolts to facilitate the installation of the process. While this will change the difficulty of your low-speed bend, consider whether the wheel bolt model needs to be changed for any reason.

  1. Get better control of the car

The use of wheel spacers makes handling the car easier. With the help of a custom spacer you have more control over your car. When the wheel protrudes, the grip of the wheel increases. The wheels are separated from the axle, which increases the robustness of the car. When the car is running at high speed, the risk of tilting is small. In turn it also becomes easier and the car will not die. The balance of the car helps to maneuver at high speeds. Large wheel spacers make moving the wheel easier when the car is turning.

  1. Cost-effective

If you compare the price of buying a wider tire to increase the stability of the vehicle, wheel spacers are inexpensive.


  1. Wheel bearing failure

The use of wheel spacers means that the contact between the ball bearing and the wheel is broken. And thanks to this format design, the service life of the wheel bearing can be shortened or, in the worst case, lead to premature failure.

  1. You must install wheel spacers on all the tires

If the wheel spacers are installed at the rear of the vehicle without the front part, only a better grip at the rear is obtained. This means that your car will want to be understeer when it approaches the corner and the front looks forward, which can affect the overall balance of the vehicle. If you place them at the front, you will get a comparable result, causing the back to get loose and potentially fishtail.

  1. Can Cause Accidents

Safety is another important issue caused by incorrect installation of wheel spacers. Simply put, incorrect installation of wheel spacers by non-professionals can interrupt the bending of the wheel bolts due to incorrect rotation.